• Exceptional Innovation.

    We are in a technology revolution and operating in a gig economy. Merging the two accelerates innovation, advances directives and keeps organizations competitive.
    Inspire Global Ventures provides Jaspy a full service A-Z technology platform changing the way organizations approach early-stage technologies.

  • Our Vision

    We inspire corporations to think global, scale for efficiency, transparency and accountability to venture into a diverse world.

  • Inspire Global Ventures

    Making investment, strategy and development teams more efficient,

    innovation teams smarter, and corporates more competitive.


    Solving vital challenges across industry and region, staying ahead of technology trends and making informed decisions about partnership, early-stage investment and acquisition requires tools and a new approach.

    Jaspy Technology Platform

    Simple Portfolio & Collaborative

    Pipeline Management Tools

    Streamline current and future early-stage portfolio and pipeline management to reduce risk and increase your team's productivity, collaboration and insights.

    Machine-Learning Enabled

    "Vet and Fit Assessment"

    Pairing behavioral science with directives to evaluate probability of success based on weighted characteristics

    Expert Network

    On-demand Gig Economy Expert Network

    Access domain experts immersed in new and emerging technologies for strategy development, partnership and acquisition evaluation, due diligence, leadership meetings and more on an as needed basis facilitated within the Jaspy platform.

  • Meet Our Team

    Early-Stage Investors, Corporate Leaders, Domain Experts

    We are a diverse team, advisors and venture partners with an unmatched blend of early stage technology success, corporate experience and technology domain expertise.

    Tracy McWilliams


    Chief Executive Officer

    Perri Richman


    Corporate & Early-Stage Strategist

  • Meet Our Advisors

    Wealth of knowledge, expertise in technology, corporate innovation and early-stage.

  • Peter Balyta

    Peter serves as the global President of Texas Instruments' most visible business while leading university research, semiconductor industry engagement, and ESG efforts across the company.

    Sharon Davis

    Sharon is the Former First Lady of the State of California and a Corporate Board Member. She brings her expertise working with large corporations.

    Walter Yosafat

    Walter is the CIO of Vibrant, and served at the helm of technology for Wyndham Worldwide, Genpact, Trane and GE. He is an early-stage investor and advisor.

    Josh Rucci

    Josh Rucci Chief Commercial Officer of Arizent is an expert in Global Sales, Marketing, and Strategy leader with former roles at Dow Jones and Bloomberg . Platform Experience in Digital Media, SaaS, Business Intelligence, Live Events , Broadcast, OTT, Data, Business, News and Sports Media